• The Coffee Lover's Luxury Gift Box

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    The perfect gift for those who have everything except the perfect coffee!

    Gold Star Coffee - World's Best Tasting Coffee® luxury gourmet gift box.

    This luxury gourmet gift box includes 1lb of Wallenford Estate Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, 1lb of Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy coffee, 1lb Jamaica Blue Mountain Pea Berry and 1lb Cafe 645 all meticulously packaged within an industry leading luxury gift box. ***FREE SHIPPING***

    Our coffees are the finest and freshest in the world!  Buying from Gold Star is Factory Direct.

    We roast these exotic coffees every single day in small batches.  Your coffee is always roasted fresh the day it is shipped.

    Wallenford Estate - Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

    This is "The real McCoy"  Masterly roasted in small batches as it's ordered.  Grown in a small region with rich soil, cool misty evenings and altitudes of up to 7400 feet gives this the rarest of coffees a subtle sweetness combined with an elegant structured body that dances of your tongue.

    Hawaiian Kona Coffee

    This coffee is truly exotic in nature and price. If it were a car, it would be a Ferrari, if it was an outfit it would be Chanel. Smooth as silk and very mellow in taste. No after taste, it roles over your tongue like warm butter.

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Pea Berry Coffee

    This is a rare find for true coffee enthusiasts!  Pea Berries look different from other beans as only one grows inside a coffee cherry rather than two.  Some say that the flavor which is usually shared with two beans is now concentrated into one.

    Cafe 645

    Deep, Rich and full bodied. Exceptional Aroma revealing hints of dark chocolate and dried fruit.

    Los Planes - El Salvador (city roast), Puerto Rico Yauco Selecto (french roast)

    2 rare reserve coffees, 2 different roasting shades = 1 dynamic blend.

    We don’t promote blends but this one is rare and special. The most unique and exquisite blend of 2 rare reserve coffees. Roasted separately and blended in difference percentages. 

    Created by our founder Master Coffee Artisan - Constantine

    Luxury Gift Box

    Industry leading matte finished specialty gift box with beautiful premium gold logo finishing.  This box is integrated with a double magnetic closure system which helps keep your items safely secure all while providing a premium finish and experience.


    - Luxurious matte finished specialty gift box - with integrated magnetic closure and premium gold logo finishing.

    - 1lb Wallenford Estate - Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

    - 1lb Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy Coffee

    - 1lb Jamaica Blue Mountain Pea Berry Coffee

    - 1lb Cafe 645 Coffee


    Coffee Weight: 4 x 1 lb (16oz) Fresh Pack

    Roast: Medium / City Roast