• Make Your Own Flavor - 1lb


    Create a flavored coffee you can personally call your own with our Make Your Own Flavor Pack. Select up to 3 different premium high quality flavors that we'll custom mix for you to create a one of a kind flavored coffee. Freshly roasted, flavored and packaged the same day it's shipped.

    Unlike other coffee roasters who will make their flavored coffee with the cheapest quality beans, we take our premium Arabican 4 Star Gourmet coffee and add the highest quality flavoring extracts in the world. This process is done immediately after roasting to produce the highest quality flavored coffee anywhere.


    • Hand Crafted

    • Artisan Prepared

    • 100 Year Tradition

    • Roasted Fresh Every Day

    • Ultra Premium Quality

    • Premium Grade Flavoring

    Weight: 1lb (16oz) Fresh Pack

    Roast: Medium / City Roast


    Our flavors are certified allergen free. They do not contain any wheat or gluten products, wheat, rye, barley or their derivatives, milk products, dairy products, dairy derivatives, eggs, egg products, soy, soy products, seeds, tree nuts, peanut products, and other legumes or seafood products, fish or shellfish, celery, mustard, sulphur dioxide and sulphites.