• **Un-Roasted Green** Custom Combo Coffee Pack - 6lb


    Create your own 6lb un-roasted green custom coffee combo. 

    ***These beans are unroasted for home roasters.***

    Choose from either Grade 1 Jamaican Blue Mountain, Extra Fancy Grade Hawaiian Kona, Yauco Selecto AA, Jamaican Blue Mountain Pea Berry, Hawaiian Kona Swiss Water Decaffeinated, Yemen Red Mocha Haraaz AA+, Kenyan Kaguyu AA Grande Reserve, Maui Red Catuai - Top Crop, Rwanda Karongi Gitesi - Micro Lot, Nicaragua Red Honey - El Especial Microlot, Honduras Yellow Honey - Prima Microlot, Black Honey, 50TH & mmmMocha.

    6 - 1 lb. Fresh Packs.  Sealed immediately after processing in the finest packaging with a one way degassing valve and a seal of authenticity.  Keep some for yourself and give some away as a gift.

    Our coffees are the finest and freshest in the world!  Buying from Gold Star is Factory Direct.

    Jamaican Blue Mountain

    Grown in a small region with rich soil, cool mist evenings and altitudes of up to 7400 feet give this rarest of coffees a subtle sweetness combined with an elegant structured body that dances over your tongue.

    Hawaiian Kona Coffee

    This coffee is truly exotic in nature and price. If it were a car, it would be a Ferrari, if it was an outfit it would be Chanel. Smooth as silk and very mellow in taste. No after taste, it roles over your tongue like warm butter.

    Yauco Selecto AA

    This special and rare coffee of Puerto Rico is considered one of the finest coffees of the world and offers a full-bodied experience with an arresting after taste.  This true estate coffee is worth it's high price per pound and is noted on Forbe's top 10 list for most expensive coffees of the world.  It has a chocolaty aroma, buttery and sweet with a solid power punch.

    Kenyan Kaguyu AA Grande Reserve

    "Grand Reserve" is the best of the AA crop from this small Exclusive Kenyan Estate located in Kirinyaga District in the southern part of famous Mt. Kenya at a elevation of 7200 feet with red volcanic soils that are rich in organic matter.

    Yemen Red Mocha Haraaz AA+ 

    A true Mocha from the Haraaz mountains of Yemen grown at an elevation of 7800 feet. Our Haraaz has an exceptional creamy body with vanilla that finished off with it's traditional chocolatey mocha note and a touch of cherry is present.

    Hawaiian Kona Swiss Water Decaffeinated

    Hawaii's best coffee decaffeinated using the ultra modern Swiss Water process to virtually eliminated all the caffeine without sacrificing the coffees natural taste characteristics.

    Jamaican Blue Mountain Pea Berry

    This is a rare find for true coffee enthusiasts!  Pea berries look different from beans as only one grows inside a coffee cherry rather then two. Some say that the flavor that is shared with two beans is now concentrated into one.

    Maui Red Catuai - Top Crop

    This Maui Red Catuai provides a wonderfully bright flavour in a medium roast.  Often referred to as the "Cabernet of coffees", the burgundy flavour notes are reminiscent to a beautiful red wine.

    Rwanda Karongi Gitesi - Micro Lot

    Rwanda Karongi Gitesi is a micro lot cup of excellence award winning coffee grown at an altitude of 6500 ft. A luxurious bright, smooth and balanced cup hinting of spice, dark chocolate and dried apple.

    Nicaragua Red Honey - El Especial Microlot

    This Nicaragua Red Honey - El Especial Microlot coffee provides a wonderfully fruity flavor with good body in a medium roast. Honey processed coffees consist of the beans dried with the sticky mucilage still intact after they have been picked from the cherries.  Red honey beans dry for roughly 2-3 weeks in shaded areas.This Nicaragua Red Honey - El Especial Microlot coffee provides a wonderfully fruity flavor with good body in a medium roast.

    Honduras Yellow Honey - Prima Microlot

    This Honduras Yellow Honey - Prima Microlot coffee has a beautifully fruity and floral taste with hints of honey and sweet fragrance.  Ideally roasted to a medium roast, you'll find a pleasant medium body with just the right amount of creaminess.

    Black Honey

    Some say this is the best honey processed coffee of them all. Black Honey is the most complex and laborious honey processed bean.  100% of the mucilage, and part of the cherry itself, is kept intact while the beans are dried under a plastic tarp and only rotated once every 24hrs.  This process help give these beans a full bodied and sweet taste with fruity after tones and immense depth.

    We took the three elite Hawaiians: Kona, Maui & Kauai Pea Berry and masterfully roasted them together.  This combination results in a smooth, light & fruity cup of coffee with hints of spiced nuts.

    The world's finest blend consisting of Africa's top three, "KEY" Kenya, Ethiopia & Yemen.  mmmMocha, a true representation of what Africa has to offer.  This wonderful coffee creates a balance of soft spice, deep rich & floral with notes of cocoa.


    • Superior Roasting Quality
    • Cupped By Masters
    • Ultra Premium Quality

    Weight: 6 x 1 lb (16oz) Fresh Pack
    Roast: Un-Roasted / Green