Nightwish - 1/2 Caff


The legend is BLACK.

Specialty coffee uniquely roasted with a milder open flame for a longer period of time.  Gold Star Coffee - BLACK is specially roasted for those who drink it black.  A bold yet balanced cup with smooth sweetness, a fruity acidity (the brightness of the coffee's taste) and clean finish.

Exclusive coffees for an exquisite experience!

50% Kona / 50% Kona S.W. Decaf: All the taste with half the Caffeine

An exquisite brew that's bold, semi-sweet & well rounded all over. 


  • Fire Roasted
  • Hand Crafted
  • Artisan Prepared
  • 100 Year Tradition
  • Roasted Fresh Every Day
  • Ultra Premium Quality 

Weight: 1lb (16oz) Fresh Pack

Roast: City Roast