• Costa Rica Black Honey Geisha - Exclusive Limited Auction Lot - 2 x 1/2 lb Bags


    Costa Rica Black Honey Geisha - Exclusive Limited Auction Lot Coffee.  

    Only offered in 1lb, separated in 2 x 1/2 lb (8oz) bags so they may be opened separately to maintain freshness. Enclosed in our specialty premium sacs and while supplies last.

    Truly one of the best. This award winning honey processed auction lot coffee lives up to the honors and prestige.  With a cupping score of 92.17, this is rated as one of the top coffees in the world.  With medium acidity and a range of citrus fruity notes ranging from mandarins to lemons with hints of strawberry as well, coffee lovers will definitely appreciate all that is offered. This coffee is extremely satisfying with it's juicy body and smooth aftertaste.  A definite treat to ones palate.

    Flavor Profile

    • Medium Acidity
    • Fruity Citrus Notes
    • Juicy Body
    • Smooth Aftertaste


    • Exclusive Auction Lot
    • Limited Supply
    • Cupping Score: 92.17
    • Black Honey Processed
    • Fire Roasted
    • Artisan Prepared
    • 100 Year Tradition
    • Roasted Fresh Per Order

    Weight: 1lb TOTAL = 2 x 1/2lb (8oz) Fresh Packs

    Roast: City Roast - Medium