• Honduras Yellow Honey - Prima Microlot


    This Honduras Yellow Honey - Prima Microlot coffee has a beautifully fruity and floral taste with hints of honey and sweet fragrance.  Ideally roasted to a medium roast, you'll find a pleasant medium body with just the right amount of creaminess.  This award winning Microlot is available in limited quantities with minimal supply available.

    Yellow Honey processed coffees consist of at least 50% of the sticky mucilage kept intact after they have been picked from the cherries and left to dry.  These beans are fully exposed to sunlight with a drying period of 8 days.  Yellow Honey processed coffees are the fastest to dry of all honey coffees due to their full exposure to the sun.


    • Honey Processed
    • Fire Roasted
    • Hand Crafted
    • Artisan Prepared
    • 100 Year Tradition
    • Roasted Fresh Every Day
    • Ultra Premium Quality 

    Weight: 1lb (16oz) Fresh Pack

    Roast: Medium / City Roast